Meet a BikeSpace Researcher

Emily Macrae promoting #tellbikespace

Emily Macrae has volunteered as a researcher with BikeSpace since the project began in June 2017. How did you get involved with BikeSpace? BikeSpace was kicking off just as I was getting involved in Civic Tech so the timing was perfect. I was able to join the team early in the process and I’ve seen … Continue reading Meet a BikeSpace Researcher

Meet a BikeSpace Designer

BikeSpace volunteer, Kristen Morith, with her bike

Kristen Morith has volunteered with BikeSpace as a UX Designer since April 2018. She speaks about her experiences on the project so far. How did you get involved with BikeSpace? I come from a background in transportation planning, which I got into because I was passionate about making cities more walkable and bikeable. I used … Continue reading Meet a BikeSpace Designer