What happens when civic tech is applied to one of the pressing issues facing cyclists in Toronto? The result is BikeSpace, a web app that allows its users to map locations for new and better bike parking. This app is being developed by talented, civic-minded volunteers who are committed to creating a coherent and impactful solution to the bike parking problem in Toronto. The BikeSpace Blog follows the project team to tell the story of the development of this community-based project to come out of Civic Tech Toronto.

Once the official app is available, submissions will be used to illustrate bike parking demand and will provide bike parking stakeholders with information on the city’s bike parking needs. This data can also be a resource for advocacy groups and individuals to support and justify the petitioning of private landowners and other parties to become involved in delivering bike parking. The code of the web app will be open sourced so that other municipalities can benefit from the work of Civic Tech Toronto volunteers. It is the hope that by openly documenting the development of BikeSpace through this blog, other civic tech enthusiasts will feel empowered to bring the BikeSpace app to their cities.

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