How your photos help make BikeSpace (even) better

Have you checked out the BikeSpace dashboard yet? As well as using the web app to report bike parking problems, you can use the dashboard to view issues shared by other cyclists.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community, and want to thank everyone that’s taken the time to report an issue. Something that really makes the dashboard special is the ability to show the photos that people have taken. It really brings the data to life.

We love it when you include a photo in your submission, so we want to encourage even more of you to get snapping. Here’s just some of the reasons why adding a photo is so important:

  1. It saves you time time: Snap a photo to show us the issue rather than having to type out a long description in the comment box.
  2. It help other cyclists: Photos are made public on the dashboard so other cyclists can check existing conditions and make informed decisions about where to park.
  3. It helps us to build evidence: Photos are key piece of information to help us get a clear understanding of the issue that you’ve reported.

We’ve also been thinking about what makes a great BikeSpace photo:

  1. Focus on the problem: Your bike might be beautiful and your shoes might be stylish but show us why you are unable to park where or how you’d like.
  2. Think about context: Is the bike parking wedged against a building or too far from your destination? There might be aspects of the surrounding area (street, sidewalk, car parking, plants) that contribute to the issue.
  3. Consider your surroundings: Try to avoid getting anyone else in the photo, they might not want to be on our dashboard! Also think about avoiding other identifiers such as license plates.



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