Meet a BikeSpace UX Designer

SoYoung Lee has volunteered with BikeSpace as a UX, UI, and Visual Designer since November 2017.

How did you get involved with BikeSpace?
I became involved with BikeSpace because I have personally been effected by the issue of a lack of bike parking. I used to own a bike and had difficulty locking it at home because my old place didn’t have proper bike parking and as a result, my bike was stolen shortly after. For that reason, when I heard about this BikeSpace, I thought it was a brilliant solution to this problem.

How would you describe your role with BikeSpace?
With my background in interaction design and development, joining the UX design team was a natural fit. I designed the web app by refining the website and helping with the dashboard design. When I joined, there was a brief wireframe for the app, so I started working on details with other team members and creating visual elements for a high-fidelity prototype. I also drafted the style guide to align the platforms and channels to have one voice and created illustrations for the blog and social media.

Describe a winning moment with the BikeSpace?
The biggest winning moment for BikeSpace, I believe, was the public release of BikeSpace to the public. Some of the challenges were when old members would move on from the project and new members would join as it takes them some time to get into the groove of work, but this never hindered the production of BikeSpace.

What makes BikeSpace unique?
I would say our team structure makes BikeSpace unique. Although we work in different teams, the roles aren’t fixed. Depending on what/where the team needs are, we all wear multiple hats and this allows our work to be more flexible and the team operates more fluidly. Some UX designers create graphics and marketing materials and some work on research, strategies, or platform development. All team members are utilizing their skills and knowledge they have to complete the project.

What keeps you busy when you’re not working on BikeSpace?
Mainly projects that allow me to gain better skills artistically and programmatically. I am a recent graduate and am taking UX and coding classes from and other online sources as well as continuing developing transit games with partners.

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