Good bike parking is hard to find

This survey shows how difficult it is for Toronto cyclists to find bike parking at their chosen location. 43% feel it's a regular annoyance, for 26% it's a major frustration, 26% feel it's a minor irritation, and it is not an issue for the remaining 5%.

The majority of Toronto cyclists regularly have a hard time finding adequate parking for their bike. The hassle and uncertainty of going through this routine can add undue stress to a cyclist’s day-to-day life.

With the public demand for a bike-friendly city, bike parking is only going to become more of a concern as the number of cyclists increases. You can help alleviate this problem by using BikeSpace to report an issue you deal with when parking your bike. By pinpointing the location and some details related to your situation, we can use that data to help local partners create a bike parking solution. 

The next time you can’t find a parking spot for your bike, use BikeSpace and help us create that space for you.

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