Meet a BikeSpace Analyst

Ganesh Hatwar working on BikeSpace during a work seesion

Ganesh Hatwar has volunteered as a BikeSpace Web Analyst since October 2017. He took a break from his work at a recent work session to answer my questions.

How did you get involved with BikeSpace?
I was looking for meetups related to data because I wanted to learn more about it. I had heard about Civic Tech Toronto’s meetups and when I went, I heard people pitching for projects. The next week I went back and was talking with someone who told me about BikeSpace and that it was a good place to learn and that’s how I became involved with the project.

What interested you most about the project?
I was most interested by the amount of enthusiastic volunteers coming together to work. Among them there are lots of people with experience, so if you need something there is someone who can help you and if you feel there is something you can contribute, you can approach someone and start working on it. I wanted someplace where I could be engaged and learn and this was the perfect opportunity.

Describe your role?
As a web analyst, I use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to track and analyse the online interactions that happen on the website to facilitate data informed decision making. I analyse and report email campaigns’ performance. I am implementing a lean analytics framework for the project to achieve real focus and concentrate team efforts and am presently going through Web Analytics 2.0 to build effective web analysis techniques for the project.

Describe a winning moment with BikeSpace?
A lot of things I did with BikeSpace were new to me so I learned a lot through Google and watching YouTube videos. I didn’t know Google Tag Manager before, but I just watched videos and now it’s like a playground seeing the different ways people interact with the website. It’s more comprehensive than Google Analytics and it makes it easier for the developers so that they don’t have to add code to specifically track things we can find through Tag manager. I had thought let us try this and now it works.

What makes BikeSpace unique?
At BikeSpace, we have the unique approach of one person working on one thing while someone else is working alongside them on another part and it all comes together to solve a problem. I think this makes for a more comprehensive site because we gain different perspectives at all levels of production. BikeSpace has attracted people with all different backgrounds in development and design. All of the volunteers are so committed that it feels like we’re working in a professional atmosphere.

When you’re not working on BikeSpace, what can people find you doing?
I can be found playing board games at meets up groups on Wednesday nights with Toronto Board Gamers or in a library.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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